Just as ballplayers have contract language stating “don’t drive your moped down an ice slope in the winter” and “avoid tiger-baiting at all costs,” NESN may want to lay down the law with its talent so that they know things like “Thou shalt not be filmed doing shots — real or otherwise — in the latest Dropkick Murphys video.” Because going forward, no matter how many times I see her interviewing players on the field, my mind will be fixed on the burned-in image of Heidi seated at the bar.

Not that the sight of Ms. Watney playing a head-bangin’, booze-swilling lass isn’t utterly fantastic. It most certainly is. In fact, all this clip is missing is Amalie Benjamin working the shot luge and a shirtless Tom Caron busting some freestyle rhymes.

That said, I still can’t get used to a slender Lenny Clarke.

Thanks to the Jayne, Elemental and The Real Paddock for the tips.