Or is it? While winning any series certainly beats the alternative, it really shouldn’t have been this tough. If not for some unlikely heroics by Darnell McDonald (who hails from a neighboring Irish village to Troy O’Leary’s home town), the Rangers could have swept the Sox. That is a little frightening, because I have another news flash: Texas ain’t that good.

But there were a lot of positives to come out of this, which the Sox should be able to build on and sweep the hapless O’s back to the land of crabcakes this weekend. For starters (bad pun intended) Clay Buchholz looked pretty damn good until he ran out of gas in the seventh. He had 2-hit the Rangers through six. And suddenly the bullpen is looking like we thought they would. If memory serves me (and I’m far too lazy to look it up) the ‘pen did not give up an earned run in the series. Until tonight, the bats were showing signs of life. Mike Lowell fueled the DH controversy with a homer last night. Drew’s grand slam was immense and Youk’s game-winner might get him going.

The biggest problems continue to be inconsistent starting pitching, poor defense and a complete inability to throw out runners.

Regardless, I’m calling for the sweep against Baltimore.

And I leave you with Reason #3,912 why A-Rod is Queen of the Douchebags…

In the post-game interviews, Braden is still heated. A-Rod, on the other hand, tried to play it off like it was no big deal:

“He just told me to get off his mound,” Rodriguez said. “That was a little surprising. I’d never quite heard that, especially from a guy that has a handful of wins in his career.

“I didn’t even know he was talking to me. I’ve never heard of that in my career. I still don’t know. I thought it was pretty funny, actually.”

When asked if he got an apology, Braden had this to say:

“The guy was tasting himself too long to apologize,”

Add it to the list of lowlights for A-Rod. He will never get it. The two teams don’t face each other again until July, but pitchers seem to remember these things.