The 2007 Sox will be loaded with question marks — What if Schilling’s ankle falls off? Who’s the freakin’ closer? How long until the government whisks Mike Timlin off to Monster Island to end all this Gamera bullshit once and for all?

But Manuel Aristides Ramirez is one of our sure things. Before a single Spring Training pitch has even been thrown, we can put Manny down for two “hey, where’d my pants go?” moments in the outfield, at least one self-imposed trip to the DL, endless mugging for the NESN cameras, plenty of grab-ass with Ortiz and Lugo, about 40 home runs, 160 hits, 120 RBIs and a handful of send-’em-home-smilin’ game winning moonshots.

Honestly, I couldn’t be happier with that.